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Beyond The Veil Bridal ~ No One Does 'I Do' Like WE Do!                                                                                                       

Vancouver & Portland's Premiere Full Service Salon
~Beyond The Veil Bridal & Formal Wear ~ The Affordable Elegance Boutique~
Where Dreams & Visions Become Reality ~ No One Does 'I Do' Like We Do!

Every girl has a dream, a vision of her special day...
Long ago, my own dream began at the tender age of six,
believing in the Land of Fairy Tales & Handsome Princes.
As a little girl playfully dancing along a small creekside,
gleefully dreaming of a handsome prince, a frog was found,
Bound with a great wish within, she gently blew a kiss.
Her tears streaming, soaked in sorrow, her face could not retain the anguish,
As always before, the truth unveiled the horrors she saw,
this tiny frog, the secret he held within, her prince to be, now exposed before all,
her heart shattered, tears dried, again as always, just another ugly toad,  another wasted kiss.
Thus began the long journey of wasted kisses and lonely frogs.

Yes, every girl has a dream, filled with visions of her future love
Her arms reaching, her heart aching,
longing with desire for the one she knows will someday come.

Finally her dreams realized, her vision real, her handsome prince is near,
his heart prepared to take her into his warm embrace of love everlasting.

For the bride-to-be, her day has come, she must prepare,
Her soon-to-be groom awaits her with welcome arms..
So too, it is true, this day was mine, long ago
And, like you, I know, your heart desires the dress of your dreams,
Thus, here I am, ready to assure all your dreams & visions become reality


In realizing the longing of adorning one's beauty in the embrace of luxury and elegance,
my heart has been led to encourage you to pursue your every heart's desires
in achieving your own dreams and visions.


Realizing each heart longs for celebrating everlasting love,
forever planting precious memories in life's most glorious moments
In recognizing the ever-expanding and growing diversity within the community
while yet longing to hold fast to the ever-lasting family gatherings,
regardless of economic status or historical differences,
despite diverse cultural divisions, honoring generational traditions.

In pursuit of assuring each equal opportunity to experience
the privilege of elegance and the essence of true luxury
offered only in the full service of a beautiful boutique.
With a deep love of domestic sewing and creative design,
a mission was birthed in leading the pursuit of establishing
Beyond The Veil Bridal & Formal Wear Boutique.

...Welcome to the Beginning of Your Most Memorable Journey Ever...


You have just taken your first step
in discovering the magnificent joy of purchasing your Dream Dress.
Your purchase marks the beginning of your most incredible lifetime experience,
At Beyond The Veil, we are committed to fulfilling your attire desires,
accommodating your special requests with excellent quality,
impeccable service & reliability with exceptional service in  honor of your precious memories.

In addition, we accommodate special requests from you
because we know your special day will be the memory of a lifetime
and we want to be a part of this precious moment by offering you only our very best.


Beyond The Veil's Mission is to provide genuine care
by partnering with our valued customers on an individual basis,
providing quality, unique and value-priced attire, exceptional service and solutions
to ensure your dreams and visions become reality on your special day.
We achieve our mission by holding ourselves to the highest principles in honor and integrity. 
We honor this commitment to each valued customer we serve along with their guests. 

As our exclusive assortment of quality, in-stock formal wear and attire continues to grow,
our commitment to ensuring your complete satisfaction remains unchanged.
Our dedication to providing you the utmost service and support lasts beyond the sale. 
Our desire to serve and help you in fulfilling your dreams and visions also carries through
to making our commitment to you complete while striving to keep our prices competitive.
We continue to build deep relationships with our valued customers
while providing them with top quality products at exceptional values.

Beyond The Veil prides itself on bringing high-quality
affordable designer gowns and accessories to our valued customers everywhere.
We believe that Beyond The Veil's designer gowns and accessories
are the finest in the world, and with proper care, yours will last forever.
We at Beyond The Veil, are committed to making you the most beautiful you can be,
and hope this short introduction to Beyond The Veil will help you to know our company better.
We will be proud if you select and wear a Beyond The Veil designer gown on your special day.

Lastly, please send us your favorite pictures to be shared in our special photo album
and also on our web site as Beyond The Veil's Bridal & Formal Wear history.
Again, thank you so much for visiting, and may all your dreams come true.


Always Here for You & Sincerely Yours ~ Tamara Lynn & Your Friends at Beyond The Veil Bridal


Assuring Your Dreams & Visions Become Reality

~Beyond The Veil Bridal & Formal Wear ~The Affordable Elegance Boutique~
Where Dreams & Visions Become Reality ~ No One Does 'I Do' Like We Do!

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