Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage brides to begin looking for their gowns 10-12 months in advance. Gowns typically take 4-6 months to arrive, with an additional 2 months for alterations.

Yes, In order to give you the full attention of our experienced consultants, appointments are necessary. We suggest you book your appointment 2-3 weeks prior however, feel free to call 360-314-6018 for same-day appointment availability. Walk-ins are accepted but an appointment assures you a dressing room and consultant and is strongly recommended.

Click here to book an appointment online. Alternatively, you can call Customer Service at 360-314-6018 or send an email to ISaidYes@BeyondTheVeilBridal.com

Dress appointments are 2 hours long on week days and 1.5 hours on weekends. Accessories-only appointments are 1 hour.

Yes! But, please call 48 hrs ahead of time at 360-314-6018.

We recommend no more than 2-3 people join you for your appointment. Too many people can sometimes lead to less help in the end. We suggest only bringing trusted friends and family for support, as choosing a wedding gown should be an emotional and joyous experience! Seating in our showrooms is limited. So, we recommend you only bring the key people needed to help you make your decision. We also caution against bringing children, but we will happily accommodate them if needed. We are one of the few shops who schedule hour-and-a-half appointments, so you’ll have plenty of time to find the perfect dress!

We have shoes, veils, and accessories for you to try on with your gown. Feel free to bring any pictures of styles you like, and please wear minimal makeup, as we strive to keep our samples in the finest condition.

Our wedding dresses range from $800 to $2400. Our brides typically spend between $800 and $1350, just on the dresses alone. Lead Time on our dresses typically take from 5-6 months from order to delivery, but we’re happy to work with you if you have less time.

We do have a large selection of immediate delivery gowns available along with a great selection of “quick ship” dresses from our designers

When your plans don’t permit much lead time but you still want a custom-made dress, turn to Beyond The Veil for a custom wedding dress in 10 weeks or less.

Your first appointment will generally run about an hour and fifteen minutes during the week and an hour on weekends. Of course, if you need more time, we’ll make sure you get it. If you like, bring a few key family members or friends who can help you make your decision or simply share in the excitement. You might also want to bring some photos of dresses you like from bridal magazines and websites. No need to bring shoes or lingerie—we have everything you’ll need to try on dresses.

Wedding in 3 weeks or less? Not to worry! (We had one client whose wedding was the same day!) We have plenty of beautiful dresses you can buy off the rack, and we’ve been told by our clients that our samples are in the absolute best condition. We can also work with some of our designers to get you a dress they have in stock.

Your first fitting is generally about 8 weeks before your wedding day. You’ll want to have the shoes and lingerie with you that you plan to wear on your wedding day. One or two additional fittings within 2 to 4 weeks of your wedding will ensure the perfect fit. After your final fitting, we’ll schedule your pick-up or delivery date.

You may walk-in at any time that we’re open to try on shoes and jewelry. Appointments are encouraged to try-on veils and headpieces. Same day appointments may be available. Call 360-314-6018. Click here (create link) for store hours.

Absolutely! Not only can you find a dress on your first visit to Beyond The Veil Bridal but you can also find all of your bridal accessories, including your veil or headpiece, shoes, jewelry, and more!

Beyond The Veil Bridal requires a credit card to reserve your appointment. There is no charge for the appointment. However, if you do not cancel 48 hrs prior to your appointment, you will be charged a $25 fee.

You may call to reserve a specific dress at 360-314-6018 You must book an appointment in order to reserve a dress.

If you didn’t fall in love with a dress at your first appointment, you will be able to work with your consultant to book a return appointment. You can schedule it with our receptionist before you leave or call 360-314-6018 when you are ready to book your next appointment.

Be sure to bring the following 5 things to your Kleinfeld appointment: budget parameters, pictures of dresses, bridal accessories and shoes (if you already have them), proper undergarments (remember, you’ll be changing in front of a stranger; if you plan on wearing spanks or a strapless bra, please bring them) and most importantly, an open mind! Don’t be surprised if you find “the dress” on your first visit to Kleinfeld.

Learn More: Tips to Prepare for Your Appointment (Appendix A)

Bring the closest friend or family member whose opinion you value and who knows you well and with whom you want to share the experience of buying your dress. Bringing more than 5 guests can take the focus off of you.

Learn More: Picking the Right Squad (Appendix B)

We are always happy to accommodate you if you have a consultant request, otherwise you will be assigned a consultant the moment you arrive for your appointment. If you need a consultant who speaks a particular language, do not hesitate to ask.

We want your experience in our store to be as memorable as your wedding day. If you find that you are not bonding with your consultant, please ask to speak to a manager or to owners, Jeff or Tamara, right away. We’ll make arrangements for you to work with someone else to make sure you have an enjoyable experience!

Yes, we encourage pictures! Don’t forget to use #BeyondTheVeilBridal if you choose to share!

Beyond The Veil Bridal special-order designer dresses start at $800, with a very limited designer selection from $499 -$799. Off-the-rack samples can be much less, discounted up to 70% off and typically start at $399.

We carry a wide selection of designer bridal gowns including plus-sized samples from size 2 -32.

It’s best to allow 8-10 months before your wedding to order a dress. That means you’ll want to start shopping at least a year in advance.

Beyond The Veil Bridal searches year-round to find the best bridal gowns at the best prices in the Northwest. Every week Beyond The Veil Bridal receives new dresses from our designers.

Most of the dresses sold by Beyond The Veil Bridal are special-order. A special-order dress is made specifically for you by a designer, based on the measurements we take from you, the designer then uses their pattern that is closest to your measurements to create your dress. Then during the alterations process we will fit it to your body perfectly. (Alterations costs are not included in your gown price)

Once you’ve chosen your dress, a Bridal Manager takes 4 or more measurements typically, bust, waist, hips. & length. The dress is ordered from the designer according to your largest measurement, enabling your seamstress to alter the dress at your fitting appointments.

We will be happy to take a small sample from your actual dress when it arrives from the designer. Since dye lots vary widely, this will give you the best color to use for matching.

Depending on the designer, customizations are available for an additional fee. Our seamstress can do just about anything your heart desires. Be sure to ask.

If time permits, we recommend shopping at least 6-10 months before your wedding day. Many of our gowns are made to order, this means the dress doesn’t start getting made until you place your deposit on the dress. The earlier you decide on a dress, the more time you’ll have to plan all the other details of your wedding, or just relax and get excited for your big day!

Our standard delivery time is 5 -6 months from the date of order. Many gowns can also be ordered on a rush. Some gowns are in stock at the manufactures warehouse for immediate shipment. Please keep in mind that most seamstresses require an additional 1-2 months for basic alterations after delivery.

Yes! If you don’t have 4 to 5 months for delivery, we have many gowns available for purchase “off the rack.” For any immediate availability questions, please call 360-314-6018.

Beyond The Veil Bridal does not provide champagne at any of our appointments. We are simply not licensed to provide alcohol. But, we do offer sparkling cider with champagne glasses to make a toast to the bride and party, take some pictures when she says YES to her dream dress. Complimentary beverages and an assortment of treats for the bride and her guests are also available!

What to Bring

You’ve booked your appointment at Beyond The Veil Bridal and you’re counting down the days until you try on all our gorgeous gowns—but the question is, what do you bring to your appointment? Make sure to check these items off your list so you’re set for a successful day of wedding dress shopping.


1. Inspiration.

Bringing along wedding dress inspiration to your appointment is very important. Some great ways to share your wedding inspiration are through your personal Pinterest board, printing out photos or telling your consultant all about your favorite designer. If you’re not sure about what you’re looking for, sharing venue, decoration or theme ideas can help your consultant lead you in the right direction.


2. Proper undergarments.

While shapewear and the perfect bra aren’t totally necessary until your first fitting, feeling and looking your best will ultimately help you feel more confident to find the dress of your dreams. We suggest bringing along or wearing a supportive nude strapless or convertible bra, seamless nude underwear (such as boyshorts, thong, or high cut underwear), as well as any shapewear you’d like to wear under your dress. There are plenty of shapewear options out there, so keep this in mind before you arrive at Beyond The Veil Bridal for your appointment. You’re also more than welcome to forgo a bra if you don’t plan to wear one on your wedding day as most dresses have the structure to support you without one.


3. Hair ties & clips.

Not only are you going to want to sweep your hair out of your face, so you can get a full view of the dresses you’ll be trying on but pulling your hair up with a hair tie or clip will also help you envision your wedding day look if you choose to wear an updo.


4. Appropriate shoes.

Make sure you bring along proper footwear to try on with your dress. Already bought your wedding shoes? Great! If not, bring along similar-looking shoes to the pair you’d like to wear on your wedding day (think heels vs. flats). Beyond The Veil Bridal also carries a delightful selection of shoes if you’re unsure what you are looking for.


5. Your squad.

Make sure you bring along a few close family members and friends to help you “Say Yes”. Keep in mind though that less is definitely more—too many opinions from eager family members and friends can ultimately make your decision tougher. Need help picking your Bride Tribe? Read on here.(Bride Tribe Info)


6. A realistic budget.

Finally, come with a relative idea of how much you’d like to spend on a dress. Not sure where to start? We’ve got all the info you need in our wedding dress budget planner.(Wedding Planner Here)

Picking the Right Squad

Who To Bring To Your Beyond The Veil Bridal Appointment

So you’ve set the date for your bridal appointment at Beyond The Veil Bridal—the next step is deciding who your ultimate ‘say yes’ bride tribe is! It can be such a tough and overwhelming decision—you might think you want everyone there, but that might not be the best choice.


Family. Whether it’s your parents, siblings, grandparents or extended family, , it’s essential to have close family members involved through this important (and exciting!) decision process.


Bridal party. Considering they’re in your wedding, why wouldn’t they be there when you make the single most important decision of the whole event? Having your most important people there will only allow for more “ooo’s” and “ahh’s” when you come out in different dresses.


Your fiancés family or part of it. Now, this doesn’t mean their entire family, but maybe their sister, or even mother. If of course, you feel comfortable having them there. Inviting them to your bridal appointment is a very sentimental gesture.


Less is more. Remember, less is more. Too many opinions from too many people at your appointment can make for a stressful and overwhelming overall process. The goal is to be shedding tears of joy when picking out your wedding dress, not tears of stress! Pick no more than the top 5 people in your life and bring them to make for a smoother process.


Unable to bring everyone that wanted to be a part of the appointment? After you say *yes to the dress,* have the whole squad out for a celebratory drink, and don’t forget the pictures! Cheers!


Since we alter only wedding gowns and formal wear, we are specialists. In other words, your local dry cleaner, friend or part time seamstress might not know the intricacies of formal wear. Wedding gowns have so many complex details. From boning to hems and bustles, it is best to use a professional who has seen and worked on such gown components in the past. Our full-time alterations expert has over 25 years of formal wear experience. She is a joy to work with and a perfectionist in her work as well.



When you’re ready for alterations, bring your gown, shaping undergarments (slips, bustier, etc), shoes, and accessories. With all of the pieces in place, it will be easier to envision your overall wedding day look. You should have your shaping undergarments and shoes on hand in order to obtain the proper fit and length of your gown. And, your hair accessories or veil will help ensure you have the right balance.



Many gowns need at least some sort of alteration but keep in mind your alteration can vary greatly, depending on how many changes need to be made. But if your expectations are in order you should be ready for your wedding day with a gown that fits flawlessly. Our expert seamstress, with her 25 years’ experience is used to reworking fabrics, opening seams, and can practically redesign a dress. She can add sleeves, change necklines, add accessories and embellishments to customize any gown.



Please note, quotes for alterations will only be performed in-house and we will be happy to give you an idea of the cost after your consultation with your seamstress. You should expect an average of $200-$500 alterations cost to be sure your dress fit just right for your big day. Appointments are required. A deposit is required to start your alterations. Balance is and payable at the time that you pick up your gown after the work has been completed. To schedule your appointment, call us at 360-314-6018 or use our appointment form.

Fittings And Alterations


Most of the time, our seamstresses are so busy with our own brides that we do not take outside alterations. It is best to call and ask before scheduling an alterations appointment. If their schedule allows, they will be happy to accommodate outside wedding gowns.



It’s generally recommended to schedule your first fitting about 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding. Any earlier, and you run the risk of having to alter the dress more than once, and any later could put you in a time crunch. However, no one knows better than we do the unpredictability of weddings, so if you wish to schedule earlier, or are already in a time crunch, we will still be accommodating.



The price of alterations varies depending on what needs to be done and the complexity of the job. Altering a plain gown is less intensive than altering a beaded gown and releasing a gown if it is too small is often more expensive than taking a gown in. Remember, though, whether you take in ¼” or 3” it both costs the same, so you’ll want to schedule accordingly. A 75% deposit will be due at first pinning and balance paid in full when alterations are completed, and you pick your dress up.



It depends on what you want to be done, but three fittings tend to be the average. We might be able to get it done in two, but complex jobs, such as building up and creating jackets may require three fittings or more. In order to make the process as seamless (pun) as possible, it’s best to do your first fitting at the size you will most likely be on your wedding day. This helps to avoid unnecessary fittings and means you can focus on how stunning you look in your gown, instead of wondering if it will be ready in time.



You should bring the shoes and undergarments (bra/corset) that you will be wearing on your wedding day. Our bridal gowns are high-quality, many of them have built-in bras and slips. Many of our brides choose not to wear a bra under their wedding gown and some opt to have cups sewn in. We have the cups available and will decide at your first fitting.



Typically, the first fitting takes about one hour. Our seamstress will pin you where needed so you can get an idea of the finished product. We’ll discuss options with you such as how you want to bustle your train, how poufy you want your dress and whether or not you want built in cups.



The second fitting is generally 2-3 weeks after your first appointment.



Of course! When you purchase your gown at Beyond The Veil Bridal, our seamstresses will press the dress before you pick it up at no charge, though there is a charge for gowns not purchased at Beyond The Veil Bridal.



We offer an excellent cleaning and preservation service. If you purchased your dress at Beyond The Veil Bridal, you will receive a discount for this service.

Beyond The Veil Bridal – Wedding Dress Planner

Creating your budget is one of the most important aspects of dress shopping! Although very important, it could also be challenging time. We recommend establishing your budget before you come to Beyond The Veil Bridal. an important aspect of your dress shopping experience! That being said it can also be one of the most daunting. Before your Beyond The Veil Bridal appointment, it is important to come in with a budget because Beyond The Veil Bridal has such a wide selection of wedding dresses. But, it’s not just the dress you’ll want to factor in. There’s more to your dress budget than just the dress itself. Below we’ve listed the breakdown.

We want you to have the best shopping experience at Beyond The Veil Bridal and it’s truly the most helpful when you have a budget that you’re comfortable with.


The Dress $ ________

Special order dresses at Beyond The Veil Bridal start at $699 but can go up to $2500 or more. With hundreds of dress samples to try on in store, the wide selection allows brides to find their dream dress in a range that works best for their budget. That being said it is so important to come in with a defined budget. It’s helpful to know the maximum amount you’d be willing to spend and remember that a 75% deposit is due at the time of purchase. Remember we have our sample sale department with dresses starting at $299.


Accessories $ ________

This includes veil, jewelry, headpiece, shoes, belts…you name it! You will not regret completing your bridal look, but it’s important to factor it in when determining your budget.


Alterations $ ________

Any dress you purchase, no matter the price, will need alterations. If you choose to have it altered at Beyond The Veil Bridal, you should factor in around $200 -$500. Alterations at Beyond The Veil Bridal includes at least 3 fittings with our expert alterations staff spending up to 30 hours perfecting each dress!

For more information about our Fittings and Alterations process, check out our Alterations Guide. (Guide Here)


Customization’s $ ________

Most dresses can be customized to be uniquely yours! Sleeves, corset, modesty panels and extra appliques are some of the custom designs we can create for you. If you’re planning to add a personal touch, know that this can be an additional fee.